Chopard L.U.C Lunar One replica watch

The best quality Chopard L.U.C. Lunar One watch replica was first presented in 2005 and the new version, a limited edition of 100, is the first in platinum. The L.U.C Lunar One is Chopard’s flagship complication, featuring a perpetual calendar watch with large date and moon-phase display (both of which are trending at the moment).   Fairmined gold is a project that Chopard continues to invest heavily in, rightly believing that luxury needs to be ethically neutral at least. Meeting the criterion and putting the systems in place to guarantee the production is “clean” is demanding and expensive, which is why only a minority of Chopard’sRead More →

Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Time Attack MF

The Classic fake Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Time Attack MF (Ref. 168518-3001) quartz watch with combined analog/digital display treads on the territory, which is currently occupied by Breitling’s line of professional timekeepers. In these times when even affordable cars can accelerate from zero to 60 mph before you can say “Cherry pie”, even the most precise mechanical chronographs are obsolete. In most cases they serve purely decorative function rarely being used for their intended purpose. Probably understanding that beating the well-advertised juggernaut at its own game may prove troublesome, Chopard offers the timekeeper at a very nice price. However, there is a certain classRead More →

Chopard 1000 Miglia GT XL Chrono Split Seconds Rose Gold Watch Replica

The impressive Chopard 1000 Miglia GT XL Chrono Split Seconds replica watch features an always up do date combination of an elegant rose gold case and a silver dial, which is slightly rehashed to make space for an extra -the fourth- sub-dial. As you can see, without the lens, the watch’s glare-resistant crystal looks a lot cleaner drawing even more attention to the “6” and “12” numerals that are stenciled on it. Of course, the idea has its trade-offs with reading on the calendar sometimes hidden by rather wide hour and minute hands. Well, the date is perhaps the last thing that a sane person may forget, soRead More →

It is not surprising to find that most men have an obsession with cars and racing. That is one of the reasons why racing watches have been popularized these years. Even though most men are passionate for racing, actually, not every one of them has the chance to join that. Well, racing watches which tie in horological excellence with racing spirit just give men who are obsessive with racing a sense of satisfaction. However, when it comes to racing watches, there are several big-name watch brands should be mentioned, like Chopard, Omega and Tag Heuer. And Chopard is the especially noteworthy one since it isRead More →

Chopard from Switzerland is famous for the exquisite wristwatches and jewelry. For some fashion-conscious people, Chopard is not strange, because they can be seen on some important occasions especially at annual academy ceremony. Some celebrities and superstars have a great passion for Chopard watches which can satisfy people’s different demands for fashion and beauty. Nowadays, possessing a Chopard watch has become a symbol of refined taste and elegant style. Chopard wristwatches continuously impress us as with exquisite appearance, distinctive designs and excellent performance. The engineers have unique view of aesthetic value and sophisticated watches. Absolutely, Chopard watches are worth investing. However, not everyone is richRead More →

It is well known that Chopard was initially a famous jeweler. At present, people usually call it a fashion house, for it is specialized in making different kinds of fashion accessories. From gorgeous designer jewelry to stylish luxury timepieces, Chopard tends to satisfy different customers’ requirements perfectly. Unfortunately, Chopard watches are not easy to get. On the one hand, the quantity of Chopard watches is limited, thus not everyone can find an outlet to buy genuine Chopard watches. On the other hand, Chopard watches are overpriced for common people. The expense of an authentic Chopard watch is usually too high to assume. As a result,Read More →

Chopard is definitely one of the master Swiss-based watchmakers. It is well acknowledged that this luxury brand always has the talent for creating high jewelled watches. Fabulous Happy Diamond collection perfectly tells that. However, as one of the finest watchmakers, Chopard also finds its own way to interpret the watchmaking intricacy. The Happy Sport Tourbillon Joiallerie watches entirely reveal that. It is not only the technological prowess that has been shown in these Happy Sport Tourbillon Joiallerie watches, but also the breathtaking beauty in design. That is why these amazing models are always regarded as rare treasures which are particularly designed for the royal familyRead More →

It is again the time for gents to rank their brains to select something to show their love and please their lovers. Well, I have to say that is really not an easy task. Undoubtedly, young women and ladies all have high expectation towards the Valentine’s Day. It is common for them to dream for some romantic and memorable gifts in this special day. Most men may meet the dilemma that gifts that can surely delight their lovers are always marked with the unbearable prices. To get rid of such a sweet burden, men may take replica watches into consideration. Chopard is a distinguished watchmakingRead More →