Bell & Ross BR-X1 HyperStellar replica

Just like a spacesuit or a pressurised helmet, a mechanical chronograph has always been part of the official kit of astronauts and cosmonauts. The Bell & Ross BR-X1 HyperStellar replica watch is the king of aerospace complications. It can measure short periods of time and has become an essential tool for living and working in space. To survive in space, a professional watch must respond to certain specifications: resistance to extreme temperatures, corrosion, impacts, acceleration, pressure, vibrations, etc. Designed as a horological space capsule, the Bell & Ross BR-X1 HyperStellar replica watch has been created for fully functional handling in space: ergonomic push-buttons suitable forRead More →

Bell & Ross has always had a keen interest for military history, in particular aviation history, which turned timekeeping into one of the keys to navigation. This year the brand commemorates the second world war with the launch of a Swiss replica watch that pays tribute to the air crews who fought during the war. Each replica watches UK for sale features on its dial one of the roundels seen on the fuselage of military aeroplanes at the time. Bell & Ross, Churchill – De Gaulle exhibition. © Bell & Ross replica watches UK This year marks a double commemoration, since it is the 70th anniversaryRead More →

Among all luxury watch brands, Bell&Ross, to be honest is nothing special to me, specially the square models. But my brother on the contrary is so into it—I never understand. And when he is asked what gift he desires most for Christmas, he says: Bell & Ross watch with square face without any hesitation. I say nothing about his reply even I do want to recommend other brands to him. And what’s worse, I have to begin my long time and boring searching for Bell & Ross watch cheap sale just because there is no genuine Bell&Ross I can afford. I do hope find BellRead More →