EvoTec = Evolution Technology Countless reviews have been written about the EvoTec since its debut in 2009, and they consistently praise its unique design and excellent craftsmanship. What fascinated me about the EvoTec, however, was its inclusion of Carl F. Bucherer’s first in-house movement, the Calibre CFB A1000. Having encountered the EvoTec at several Swiss fake Rolex replica watches events, I became increasingly intrigued by the technologies that culminated in the A1000. Recently, I reached out to my friends at Carl F. Bucherer North America to see if they would indulge my curiosity. Keep in mind I’m not a trained watchmaker, just a passionate enthusiastRead More →

A large Panerai wall clock, with the iconic minimalist design which makes every timepiece of the Florentine brand immediately recognisable, enables anyone entering the Info Point at the Expo Gate at Piazza Castello to read the time in Milan and five other world capitals, chosen for their international vocation and their connection with Universal Expositions: London, New York and Paris (seat of the BIE, the Bureau International des Expositions) and also Shanghai and Dubai (hosts respectively of the last and the next Universal Expositions). Like all the brand’s timepieces, the clock provides exceptional visibility at night, making it legible even in darkness, and it isRead More →

Limited edition watches are the most desirable models to watch collectors not only because the inherent value of these rare pieces is tend to be increased, but also due to the particularly exclusive details in design. And definitely, limited editions watches tend to give a more high-end look. That is why replica limited edition watches are more sought-after than the replicas of other staple design. One of the impressive limited edition watches is Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph for the Turkish market. And its replica models consequently meet a great demand. Replica Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph limited edition watches capture watch buyers’ minds with the dramaticRead More →

A large number of watch buyers are directionless in picking watches. Autually, choosing proper wristwatches is never an easy feat. Even though some individuals are insensitive to price, there are still lots of factors to be taken into consideration, such as personal style, wearing comfort and function perference. Definitely, that requires a fund of timepiece and brand knowledge. Hence, most watch buyers just turn their eyes to the some of the finest premium watch brnads like Rolex, Patek Philippe and Cartier. And ordinary watch buyers also focus on replica designer watches, especially Rolex replica watches. That is understandable since Rolex has enjoyed exclusive popularity amongstRead More →

— In 2013, the legend of King Arthur was the inspiration for a one-of-a-kind Roger Dubuis creation named Excalibur Knights of the Round Table. Today, in 2015 replica watches for sale, Roger Dubuis introduces a new interpretation of the key values that have made this ageless legend truly universal. For 2015, a new 28-piece iteration available exclusively from Roger Dubuis boutiques features the 12 engraved and sculpted bronze Excalibur Knights of the Round Table positioned around a black jade dial. Laden with symbolism, this fresh expression of the Round Table legend adds even further weight to the evocative power of the piece. Excalibur Knights ofRead More →

A worldtime watch is by definition a tricky exercise. There is nothing simple about wanting to display local time in all time zones around the globe. Firstly, there are 37 of them in all, and not 24 as people are inclined to think. Moreover, some of them adopt the summer/winter time change. Finally, the wealth of information on their dials usually makes this type of watches look overcrowded and excessively “busy”. The Senator Cosmopolite by Glashütte Original delivers a simple answer to each of these three issues. Firstly, it is readable. The reference time zone, often called ‘home’ time, appears in a subdial at 12Read More →

There are several talented designers creating distinctive feminine watches like Cartier with its Crash watches and Bvlgari with its Serpenti watches. And Bvlgari Serpenti watches are particularly sought-after amongst celebrities since these models offer an irregular charm and impressive exoticism instead of following the classic design. Definitely, the unusual design of Bvlgari Serpenti watches would flabbergasted conversative watch buyers who prefer something restrained and traditional. But to others who long for something super personalized and overwhelming fashion-forward, Serpenti watches are second to none. Maybe due to the phenomenal design, Bvlgari Serpenti watches can always exude unmatchable confidence and unassuming elegance. And thereupon, replica Serpenti watchesRead More →

Perpetual calendar watches are the admittedly complicated timepieces which attract both discerning watch connoisseurs and complicated watch enthusiasts. And owing the dreaming wriswatches with intricate perpetual calendar function is definitely an exciting thing to most watch buyers. However, not only watch buyers, watch manufacturers are also enthusiastic about the perpetual calendar design. Watchmakers like Patek Philippe, IWC, Vacheron Constantin and Montblanc all go whole hog to create timepieces with complicated perpetual calendar watches. The most impressive design to me is the Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Perpetual Calendar watch introduced in 2014. The design why this design arouse lots of attention is not only because it epitomizesRead More →

Zenith Replica Watches Video. Tour Auto Optic 2000, part 2 — Félix Baumgartner, Zenith replica watches Life UK ambassador, talks about classic cars and the Tour Optic 2000.   The 24rd edition of the Tour Auto Optic 2ooo started on the 20th of April in Paris and will end on the 25th of April in Biarritz. Experience the race’s big moments on the Replica Zenith Watches Hub.Read More →

Even though it is generally believed that the fashion trend would not last long, there is really something unaffected to fashion and immune to time. Rolex Datejust watches are things of that. Maybe that is one of the reasons why Rolex keeps as a hot name in the field of high-end timepieces. And definitely, Datejust is the most staple and versatile line amongst all Rolex collections. With the iconically sober and elegant design, Rolex Datejust watches successfully absorb watch lovers in different status and different ages, especially when the Datejust II came. Since the Rolex Datejust models are regarded as standard dressy accessories for eliteRead More →