In another installment in our series on the basics of Swiss made replica Seiko professional diver’s watches, we explain why some dive watches have  built-in helium-release valves and why others don’t. We also explain why each type is perfectly OK, depending on the type of diving you do.In short: such a diver works under water and lives in a dry, pressurized environment for up to several weeks, and is decompressed to surface pressure only once, at the end of the mission. Comparing “diving” as most people know it to “saturation diving” is a bit like comparing an amateur bicyclist to a professional construction worker. They mightRead More →

We survey Seiko’s half-century-plus of mechanical chronographs in this comprehensive historical feature from the archives. Scroll down to discover the Japanese brand’s contributions to the world of Seiko Chronograph Diashock 21 Jewels replica wristwatches. CALIBER 5719: JAPAN’S FIRST WRIST CHRONOGRAPH When Seiko set out to design Japan’s first wristwatch chronograph, its goal was to produce a watch replica that was as much status symbol as timing device.Seiko brought out another version of the movement, the 6.4-mm-thick Caliber 5718, in a limited-edition steel watch replica that today is extremely rare and highly coveted by collectors. Suwa Seikosha, i.e., Seiko’s factory in the city of Suwa, developed theRead More →

— Three sports replica watch fans independently reach a unanimous verdict on the watch that should scoop the sports watch category at GPHG 2015.   Keith W. Strandberg, WorldTempus contributor I have always gravitated to sports watches, because of their do-it-all nature. The best sports watches are timepieces that can be put under all sorts of stresses and still perform. Remember the old Timex slogan, “Takes a licking and keeps on ticking”? That’s what I look for in a sports watch. This year’s GPHG has some great sports watches in the category, but two watches in particular stand out to me.The first is the SeikoRead More →

Replica watches UK — Seiko has been the main sponsor of the International 49er Class since 2007. On Sunday, July 12, the New Zealand crew of Pete Burling and Blair Tuke won the 49er European Championships, dominating the final day of competition on the huge Atlantic swell off the coast of Porto, Portugal. The day before, the European Championships for the women’s class, the 49er FX, was won by the Italian team of Giulia Conti and Francesca Clapcich after an equally wild but very different Medal Race in the river estuary. Seiko has been a main sponsor of the International 49er Class, and both teamsRead More →

— WorldTempus takes a look at the high-end side of Seiko’s watch manufacturing operations. Japan is a land of contrasts. The stunning beauty of the countryside and the urban sprawl of Tokyo and other major cities. The incredibly overcrowded subway stations and the peaceful, serene temples. Traditional Japanese cultural activities, like the tea ceremony, martial arts and mountain hot springs and the Westernized shopping district of Ginza. One additional contrast is the success of Seiko as a quartz watch manufacturer and their incredible competence in mechanical watchmaking. This isn’t something immediately apparent, but after visiting the Seiko facilities in Japan, I came away with aRead More →